Project Studio

Project Studio is a tool to plan and organize your tasks and projects in an innovative way. All the tasks can be displayed in different views depending on your need at the time. They can be displayed in a list, on a timeline or Kanban board (coming soon), making it easy to keep track of the progress of each task and the project as a whole.

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Feb 1, 2017

We are proud to introduce Project Studio, an app to plan and organize your projects in an innovative way!

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Apr 6, 2014

We are running a private beta test for our newest app, Task Me, on Windows and Windows Phone Let us know if you would like to join!

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Dec 10, 2013

We have just publish SingAdventure to the Windows Phone Store.
This is an app to help you get information on public transit system in Singapore including bus and MRT.

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Windows 10

Project Studio is our Universal Windows App to plan and organize your tasks and projects.

Windows Phone 8

We have published several Windows Phone apps including: Task Me, SingAdventure, SingMRT, VietAdventure, Group Tiles, Speak Reminder, TED Mobile, NTU Buses and AR Drone 2 Controller

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Windows 8

In Windows Store, we currently have Task Me for Windows (also available on Windows Phone), Project Timeline and SingAdventure Lite.

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